Construction of cottages and turnkey houses in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Congratulations on choosing a house project from TMV Homes! Now you are faced with an important question - the choice of a reliable construction company that can precisely bring your "Dream Home" to reality. We offer a comprehensive range of services for turnkey construction of country houses in Kyiv and the Kyiv region based on our projects.

By choosing us to build your home, you free yourself from the hassle of dealing with various contractors, which usually leads to additional costs, loss of time, and stress. We are always ready to provide high-quality design and construction services and ensure comfort at every stage of the construction process.

We build turnkey houses using bricks, ceramic blocks and aerated concrete
Estimated construction timelines for houses:
up to 1 month
Building a box house
3-4 months
Building a house for finishing
5-6 months
Turnkey house construction
1-1.5 years

We build houses in Kyiv and Kyiv region:

  • We provide a package of documents for approval and obtaining permission for construction.
  • When ordering our projects it is possible to get an estimate (for Kyiv and Kyiv region).
  • We introduce changes to project documentation.
  • Keep detailed photo-report at all stages of construction.
  • Guarantee on finishing work - 1 year.
  • Guarantee on the bearing capacity of structures - 10 years.
  • In our office you can see the photo reports of the construction.
  • We are currently constructing 5 houses at different stages.

The estimate for house construction includes:

  • Site preparation and earthworks (zero cycle).
  • Foundation construction.
  • Erection of walls and floor slabs.
  • Roof installation.
  • Exterior facade finishing.
  • Installation of windows and doors.
  • Interior finishing works.
  • Landscaping of the area.
  • Installation of engineering communications.
  • Additional works (special equipment, delivery, access roads, tree removal).
  • Quantity of materials, description of works, cost for each stage.
You can receive consultation from our specialists regarding the selection of a project, as well as recommendations on the use of various construction materials based on your personal budget.
The final cost of house construction depends on the total area, soil characteristics, location and topography of the plot, chosen construction materials, and the complexity of structural solutions.
When ordering our projects, it is possible to obtain a construction estimate (for properties in Kyiv and Kyiv region).
Currently, we are engaged in the construction of 5 houses at various stages in Kyiv and Kyiv region.
Guided tours of our properties are available by prior arrangement.