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Once you decide to start building your own residential building, this event will become quite important in your entire life. Soon you will be able to forget about the uncomfortable layout of rooms, noisy neighbors, communication problems, dirty entrances and other troubles, because you will become the owner of a new home. But in order for your house to be perfect in every way, so that it embodies all your dreams, you need to think and plan in advance how it will look.

The finished project of a house or a cottage is up to you

Architectural firm TMV has a rich collection of over 700 completed projects for houses, cottages, mansions, residences and other residential buildings. All of them are designed with great care by our experienced and responsible specialists. Each individual house project is modern and rational, deserves special attention and provides potential customers with a complete set of technical descriptions and accurate architectural and construction drawings, without which it is impossible to start any construction.

Our team is happy to provide the customer with professional consulting assistance at all stages of cooperation. We sincerely want your own home to become the most beloved place on earth, where you want to return again every time. Due to the fact that the architectural company TMV offers various projects of houses of any complexity, you can choose the one that will best meet your requirements. It can be a one-story or two-story building, a mansion or a house for a small plot, a hotel or a cottage.
We treat each of our clients with respect and perform work of exceptional quality. You can order an individually designed or buy a ready house project from us for any city and locality, while you can make any architectural changes to an existing project.

Competent project at home

But how to make a competent project at home, if neither specialized literature, nor trips to the private sector, nor conversations with friends help to combine all your wishes into a single whole and assemble a complete and final image? Then the architectural company TMV will come to your aid and help you solve this complex and seemingly unrealistic task.
Our main goal — an individual approach to design, which allows the customer to realize his most secret desires and dreams. In addition, our company offers ready-made typical house designs for implementation. Hundreds of cottages and mansions of varying complexity have already found their happy owners in Kyiv and Kharkov, Odessa and Kherson, Chernigov and Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Zhytomyr and Lvov, Nikolaev and other cities of Ukraine, as well as Kazakhstan and many European countries. It would not be superfluous to note that individual design is always carried out by us at the highest level, and ready-made standard projects are prepared and submitted exactly on time, as evidenced by the feedback from our grateful customers.