Flat roof house projects

House dimensions 15.42 x 19.02 m
Project cost 29 500 UAH
Build a house from 87 935 $
House dimensions 21.00 x 24.37 m
Project cost 39 500 UAH
Build a house from 122 017 $
House dimensions 15.79 x 21.64 m
Project cost 59 500 UAH
Build a house from 111 600 $
House dimensions 13.92 x 20.92 m
Project cost 37 500 UAH
Build a house from 149 067 $
House dimensions 24.58 x 15.71 m
Project cost 45 500 UAH
Build a house from 163 125 $
House dimensions 13.58 x 19.77 m
Project cost 35 500 UAH
Build a house from 121 068 $
House dimensions 14.56 x 20.40 m
Project cost 37 500 UAH
Build a house from 151 700 $
House dimensions 13.29 x 21.26 m
Project cost 27 500 UAH
Build a house from 69 827 $
House dimensions 13.30 x 12.48 m
Project cost 32 500 UAH
Build a house from 78 719 $
House dimensions 13.95 x 12.48 m
Project cost 32 500 UAH
Build a house from 88 592 $
House dimensions 21.50 x 23.60 m
Project cost 32 500 UAH
Build a house from 96 552 $
House dimensions 15.25 x 18.45 m
Project cost 25 500 UAH
Build a house from 52 965 $

Projects of houses with a flat roof from the architectural bureau TMV

If earlier such buildings were not mass-produced in the vastness of Ukraine and the post-Soviet countries in general, today they are gaining popularity. In recent years, flat-roof house projects have been ordered more and more, and we, at TMV, are developing them to the most modern standards.

Familiarize yourself with the portfolio, pay attention to the finished projects of cottages Alibi, Corsica, Horus, Shkval, Apollo, Freya, Asteria, as well as other projects in this category, and from the photo alone you will perfectly understand how stylish such a property looks.

So why are flat-roofed houses starting to get the same kind of attention they deserve in Europe? It's all about the benefits proven by the practice of long-term operation of real estate. There are 3 key advantages that we will talk about right now.

The benefits of flat roof houses

  • Such a building looks very status, especially with individual design. The flat roof emphasizes the modernity of the architectural appearance and looks very stylish. Flat-roof properties are closer to the high-end segment and are often more attractive to investors.
  • Other things being equal — the same area, used materials and technologies — it is cheaper to implement house designs with a flat roof, rather than with a sloping one. There are fewer costs, because you do not need to make a truss system and cover expensive tiles (unless, of course, this is a metal tile) — reasonable savings are available.
  • Flat roof — this is the same useful space that can be used properly, for example, for romantic evenings with your soulmate or for spiritual friendly gatherings. In Europe, it is common to find residential property with a swimming pool or a mini-golf course at the very top — why not implement the same or a similar idea.

Features of projects of houses with a flat roof

It is important to understand that in the absence of a truss system, there is no under-roof space that would provide additional thermal insulation. Therefore, in a house with a flat roof, special attention must be paid to maintaining the temperature balance. It is important to provide for increased thermal and waterproofing in order to minimize the effects of cold and moisture.

It must also be remembered that the building will be exposed to atmospheric precipitation. Snow, for example, will not roll off the surface without a significant slope, it needs to be removed, but how to do it? Climbing up and swinging a shovel every time is not very convenient and not very modern.

Therefore, really good flat-roof house designs should include an effective cleaning system, even if it is a simple warm cable to melt snow and a gutter to drain water.

There are enough nuances and all of them affect the comfort and even the durability of real estate.  Practice shows that only professionally designed projects of houses with a flat roof take into account all the important nuances, including the individual wishes of customers and the characteristics of land plots. Developments of this level we offer you — contact the TMV architectural bureau.