Make changes to the project

All our house projects can be modified or adapted to specific construction conditions, taking into account the individual preferences of the Client.

The adaptation of the project may include:
  • Adjusting the house to the site's master plan.
  • Adapting the foundations to the geological conditions of the site (geology report is required).
  • Adapting the project to the climatic conditions of the specific region (possible changes to walls, foundations, roof slope).
  • Adapting the engineering section of the project to the site's conditions (sewerage, water supply, heating, electricity).
Possible changes to the project:

Allowed and most frequent changes:

  • Changing the construction materials and techniques (foundations, walls, floors, roof).
  • Adjusting the location of internal partitions, windows, and door openings.
  • Minor changes to the overall dimensions of the house.
  • Changing the roof slope.
  • Designing a basement.
  • Altering the finishing materials inside and outside the house.

When maintaining the style and concept of the project, it is allowed to:

  • Make changes to external windows and door openings.
  • Adjust the sizes of windows and doors.
  • Design an additional entrance to the house or garage.
  • Modify the number and size of attic windows.
  • Make changes to external elements of the house, such as a garage, balcony, terrace, bay window, conservatory, veranda.

To inquire about the cost of making changes and adapting the project, please contact us at:

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  • Fill out the form below. After receiving your request, we will call you back and provide consultation on all matters.
Possible changes to the project
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