Projects of houses for a narrow area

House dimensions 16.18 x 22.94 m
Project cost 29 500 UAH
Build a house from 105 575 $
House dimensions 16.18 x 22.94 m
Project cost 32 500 UAH
Build a house from 123 066 $
House dimensions 19.26 x 9.12 m
Project cost 25 500 UAH
Build a house from 66 060 $
House dimensions 9.38 x 23.76 m
Project cost 37 500 UAH
Build a house from 108 041 $
House dimensions 11.75 x 15.65 m
Project cost 27 500 UAH
Build a house from 91 868 $
House dimensions 20.62 x 10.10 m
Project cost 27 500 UAH
Build a house from 96 939 $
House dimensions 17.72 x 11.90 m
Project cost 27 500 UAH
Build a house from 96 953 $
House dimensions 20.52 x 20.52 m
Project cost 27 500 UAH
Build a house from 106 587 $
House dimensions 8.90 x 15.60 m
Project cost 27 500 UAH
Build a house from 77 508 $
House dimensions 9.85 x 15.71 m
Project cost 32 500 UAH
Build a house from 78 341 $
House dimensions 12.41 x 18.20 m
Project cost 35 500 UAH
Build a house from 115 380 $
House dimensions 12.41 x 19.77 m
Project cost 35 500 UAH
Build a house from 109 485 $

Houses for narrow lots: the advantages of compact solutions

In the immediate vicinity of large cities, today it is increasingly difficult to find a site that would combine proximity to infrastructure, reasonable price and optimal configuration. It is for this reason that quite often one has to put up with the imperfection of the territory itself, designing a residential building on a site that is very elongated and "squeezed" between neighboring households.

Develop project and  build a narrow lot house,  without sacrificing the appearance of the building and the comfort of its residents – a task difficult enough even for an experienced engineer. However, our specialists have developed several fairly effective technical solutions that allow us to build modern, functional and attractive buildings even on disproportionate land plots.

Develop a house plan for a narrow lot

Houses for narrow plots, designed and built by the specialists of our company, have the following features:

  • Firstly, usually in such a situation a building is built either with a full second floor or with an attic. This allows you to significantly increase the internal volume of the premises and expand the usable area.
  • Secondly, often a basement floor is laid under the house, which houses either a garage or technical rooms. The benefit here is the same as in the previous case: we get additional free space with a relatively small footprint.
  • The facades of the houses, located on elongated sections, are ascetic and simple. At the same time, open terraces, verandas or balconies are often attached to them, so staying in the house in the warm season will be accompanied by additional comfort.
  • We also recommend that you listen to the recommendations of our specialists in organizing the internal space of such a building. A house for a narrow plot should be planned taking into account all the nuances: then it will not seem cramped even in if we build it on a rather small area.
  • If one of the walls of the building adjoins a high fence or a house on a neighboring plot, windows can not be made on it. So we will significantly improve the quality of thermal insulation, and & nbsp; we lose quite a bit in lighting: all the same, the sun's rays will practically not fall on this surface.
  • As for the placement of the building, it is usually moved deeper into the site, freeing up the space in front of the house as much as possible. Due to this, rooms facing the front (usually a living room and one or more bedrooms) receive much more light, designed with the participation of our specialists. If necessary, adjustments can be made to the project, which means that on any land plot we will be able to develop, lay and erect a building that will differ not only in an attractive appearance, but also in the highest functionality.

Here's why you shouldn't be upset when trying to settle in a disproportionately elongated area: with the right approach a house for a narrow lot may be the home of your dreams.