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TMV Homes architectural company specializes in individual design of houses and cottages in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine, and other countries. Our team of experienced architects and engineers works closely with clients worldwide to create unique and radically new buildings with comfortable spaces.

We understand that each client has their own needs and preferences, so our approach is based on individual and creative design. The development of a project begins with a thorough examination of the client's wishes: we discuss functional requirements, style, architectural preferences, and any other details that may be important in creating the future perfect home.
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Cost of developing an individual project
Draft design (EP)
from 500 UAH/m2
Architectural and structural section (AP, KR)
from 700 UAH/m2
Architectural, constructive, engineering section (AR, KR, IR)
from 1 000 UAH/m2
The cost of individual design depends on the complexity terms of reference (TOR).
The cost of developing an individual project for other countries may differ from that indicated on the site.
Already at the stage of architectural design, we provide high-quality 3D walkthroughs - an interactive virtual tour that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the house and its interior space even before the final implementation of the project.

Our portfolio features a diverse collection of individual projects for private clients and commercial developers. We have developed over 500 individual projects of various complexity in Kyiv, other cities of Ukraine, as well as in European countries and the USA. Below are some examples of completed individual projects.
500+ completed individual projects in Ukraine and other countries peace
The development of project documentation is carried out in accordance with an official contract and a technical assignment. We strive to provide clients with full confidence that the individual project will be developed and implemented professionally, in accordance with their wishes and applicable standards.
Our specialists are always ready to provide consultation, regardless of the client's location. We value communication with our clients and strive to ensure quality service at all stages of the project.
15 years we design stylish cottages and houses
Full set of project documentation:
The project documentation is issued in two identical copies. The average size of one project copy ranges from 80 to 120 pages in A4-A3 format. In addition, an electronic version in PDF format is provided for individual projects.

Architectural Section:

  • General project statements
  • Master plan diagram
  • Floor plans
  • Roof Plan
  • Building Facades (4 projections)
  • Building sections
  • Specification of windows and doorways
  • Floor explication
  • Ventilation risers
  • Project visualization

Constructive section:

  • General project statements
  • Layout for the foot of the foundation
  • Layout of foundation walls
  • Foundation Sections
  • Layout of floor jumpers
  • Monolithic Column Schemes
  • Floor plan
  • Overlap Sections
  • Staircase diagram
  • Embedded parts
  • Truss System Plan
  • Truss System Sections
  • Specifications (concrete, reinforcement, wood, lintels)

Engineering Section:

  • Heating system (plans, diagram, specification of equipment and materials)
  • Water supply and sewerage system (plan, diagram, specification of equipment and materials)
  • Power electrical networks:
    • electric lighting networks
    • wiring diagrams for switches and lamps
    • diagram of the grounding and equipotential bonding system
Required information for project development:
Geology and surveying of the site (topographic survey at a scale of 1:500)
Architectural and planning assignment (to be filled out jointly)
Preferences for the architectural style of the house and its content

Custom design algorithm:


Meeting in our office or meeting remotely

Joint preparation of terms of reference

Signing a contract for the development of the project

Staged payment for design work

Coordination of the project with the Customer and the phased issuance of sections of the project

Issuance of a complete set of project documentation

Consultation and cost estimate for possible construction with us

Implementation of the project (Construction in Kyiv and Kyiv region)
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