Projects of two-storey houses

House dimensions 16.53 x 15.89 m
Project cost 39 500 UAH
Build a house from 134 636 $
House dimensions 15.79 x 21.64 m
Project cost 59 500 UAH
Build a house from 111 600 $
House dimensions 13.92 x 20.92 m
Project cost 37 500 UAH
Build a house from 149 067 $
House dimensions 24.58 x 15.71 m
Project cost 45 500 UAH
Build a house from 163 125 $
House dimensions 13.58 x 19.77 m
Project cost 35 500 UAH
Build a house from 121 068 $
House dimensions 14.56 x 20.40 m
Project cost 37 500 UAH
Build a house from 151 700 $
House dimensions 12.83 x 15.56 m
Project cost 29 500 UAH
Build a house from 101 232 $
House dimensions 15.96 x 18.74 m
Project cost 42 500 UAH
Build a house from 139 563 $
House dimensions 12.11 x 16.13 m
Project cost 35 500 UAH
Build a house from 103 734 $
House dimensions 19.61 x 16.22 m
Project cost 37 500 UAH
Build a house from 131 513 $
House dimensions 13.96 x 16.11 m
Project cost 39 500 UAH
Build a house from 153 599 $
House dimensions 12.84 x 20.18 m
Project cost 32 500 UAH
Build a house from 106 488 $

Quality projects of two-story houses for you

Today, two-story houses are classics of private buildings in the city and, especially, beyond its borders. And this is not surprising, because such a property has a number of advantages and is very convenient for its owner. Here are the benefits:

  • Competently designed projects of two-story houses make it possible to use the land area with maximum rationality. It is clear that with the same (with a one-story building) footage, such real estate will take up 2 times less space. But she can still have an attic, balconies, an attic — maximum free space and usable area.
  • At the same time, it is not twice as expensive to implement a two-story house project than a one-story house.  The cost of construction is reduced due to the common roof of a smaller area and a single foundation, relatively small in volume. Thus, the construction of a two-story building is much cheaper than two one-story buildings.
  • It is necessary to note the prestige, solidity, architectural beauty of such real estate. The excellent view that opens from the second floor of such a house deserves attention, especially if it is built outside the city. And the possibilities of zoning the premises of the owners of such real estate are very high.

A competent design of a two-story house is the key to a good life

But you will fully appreciate all these advantages only if a high-quality two-story house project is developed and competently implemented. We will help with its creation — architectural company TMV. Turning to us, you will make the best choice without exaggeration.

  • TMV specialists have the necessary qualifications to subtly fit the most ambitious, complex, original solutions into the projects of two-story houses and competently justify them technically.
  • Turning to us, you get a comprehensive work with all the necessary documentation (architectural drawings and descriptions) in a reasonable and relatively short time. At the same time, project quality assurance is a prerequisite for cooperation with TMV.
  • You can also count on our architectural firm's convenient pricing. Prices for projects of two-story houses always objectively depend on the volume and complexity of the work, on the originality of the decisions made and a number of other factors, each of which you will definitely learn in the process of cooperation.

You can be sure that with us you will have all the necessary documentary base. A house built according to our project, even in small things, will be able to please you and your family.