Composition of completed projects

The composition of a standard project:
Project documentation for standard projects is issued in two identical printed copies. The average size of one project copy ranges from 50 to 70 pages, in A4-A3 format.

Architectural Section:

  • General project statements
  • Master plan diagram
  • Floor plans
  • Roof Plan
  • Building Facades (4 projections)
  • Building sections
  • Specification of windows and doorways
  • Floor explication
  • Ventilation risers
  • Project visualization

Constructive section:

  • General project statements
  • Layout for the foot of the foundation
  • Layout of foundation walls
  • Foundation Sections
  • Layout of floor jumpers
  • Monolithic Column Schemes
  • Floor plan
  • Overlap Sections
  • Staircase diagram
  • Embedded parts
  • Truss System Plan
  • Truss System Sections
  • Specifications (concrete, reinforcement, wood, lintels)

Engineering Section:

  • Heating system (plans, diagram, specification of equipment and materials)
  • Water supply and sewerage system (plan, diagram, specification of equipment and materials)
  • Power electrical networks:
    • electric lighting networks
    • wiring diagrams for switches and lamps
    • diagram of the grounding and equipotential bonding system
  • Detailed description and characteristics of all elements of engineering systems.
What you need to know about our projects:
The price of completed projects on the website is indicated for the Architectural and Structural sections.
The Engineering section of the projects is available for an additional fee (starting from 20 000 UAH).
All projects are developed according to Ukrainian building regulations and use materials available in the market.
House projects can be ordered in the original version or as a mirror image.
Projects in the EP (Draft design) stage for submission and approval in the unified electronic registry are paid additionally.
Changes to the standard project are possible based on individual preferences (additional fees apply).
The project preparation time ranges from 10 to 30 working days, depending on the project's readiness and preferences.
If you have any further questions, please write , call, or visit us!