TMV 112
113.75 m2
Project cost
26 500 UAH
Project preparation time:
before 10 days
First floor plan
Roof plan
General characteristics
Total area 113.75 m2
1st floor area 113.75 m2
Living area 45.07 m2
Dimensions 10.10 x 13.95 m
1st floor height 2.95 m
Building area 176.70 m2
Roof area 206.20 m2
Roof pitch 25 °
House height 6.40 m
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Alteration are possible
Author's title TMV112
Exterior walls
aerated concrete 400 mm + insulation 50 mm
concrete blocks
wooden beams
Roofing material
metal tile
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