TMV 113
181.86 m2
Project cost
32 500 UAH
Project preparation time:
before 10 days

Project TMV 113 - a two-storey house without a garage with a terrace and a balcony. Composition of rooms: entrance hall, living room, kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dressing room, storage room, boiler room.

First floor plan
Second floor plan
Roof plan
General characteristics
Total area 181.86 m2
1st floor area 93.39 m2
2nd floor area 88.47 m2
Living area 102.70 m2
Dimensions 9.00 x 15.01 m
1st floor height 3.00 m
2nd floor height 2.80 m
Building area 148.55 m2
Roof area 190.11 m2
Roof pitch 25 °
House height 9.17 m
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 2
Alteration are possible
Author's title TMV113
Exterior walls
aerated concrete 300 mm + insulation 100 mm
monolithic strip
prefabricated slabs
Roofing material
metal tile
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